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International Business Dept



ADD:No.29, Moon Road, APEC S&T
Industrial park, Zhifu

Company news

Customers visit the company for field visits

Source: Time:2021-07-16 13:59:05 views:

Customers from Belarus visited our company.

The reasons for attracting customers to visit are high-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and credibility, and good industry development prospects.

Sunny who is the Minister of Foreign Trade of the company expressed welcome and arranged a detailed reception work for customers.

The customers visited the company's production workshop accompanied by Sunny, and the technical personnel answered the relevant questions raised by the customers in detail.

Yantai Baodi Copper & Aluminum Co., Ltd. mainly produces aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum tube, aluminum rod, aluminum profile, aluminum frame, copper strip, copper sheet, copper sheet and other copper or aluminum product. Welcome to the factory

Add:No.29,Moon Road,APEC S&T Industrial Park,Zhifu District,Yantai,Shandong,China




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